Claiming Tickets - Technical Help


To start with general instructions on how to claim, click here.

Has this been your experience? Your organization reported the amazing amount of shoeboxes collected during National Collection Week, you have logged into your account and now are ready to claim your earned tickets. However, you entered the number of tickets and clicked the red “Claim” button and nothing appears to happen! You go back to your account dashboard and it says you claimed X amount of tickets and has a red “Download Tickets” button. So how do you get those tickets to print or download?

Below are some easy ways to get around these issues and get to your tickets! Note we recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers for the best experience.

I claimed tickets and now it’s spinning, nothing happens, then I see “0” tickets remaining

This is related to potential timeouts or just long running requests when we are pulling multiple tickets for your organization. If you find yourself in a situation where the screen did not refresh or pop-up your tickets properly, no fear the account dashboard is here! Just return to your account dashboard and if you see fewer or zero tickets remaining, this means you actually have all of your claimed tickets successfully. You can scroll into the “Activity” section and see a row(s) of ticket with a red “Download Tickets” button. This will download your ticket(s) straight to your computer.

The Pop-Up Blocker

This is most likely the issue and it is related to a feature in your internet browser called “pop-up blocker.”

Some additional help on how to allow pop-ups from “” can be found in this help articles based on the browser you use:

Check your email inbox and/or spam folder

Every time you successfully claim tickets our ticketing system will send you an email with a PDF file attached containing your tickets. This may take a few minutes after claiming to receive.

Did your organization select Callaway Gardens, Kentucky Kingdom, or Museum of the Bible during registration?

If so, our account system will update once those tickets are calculated to tell you how many you earned BUT you will be receiving these tickets in the mail rather than online. You will also receive an email from the Shoebox Challenge informing you of the number of tickets earned for your organization.

Still not working? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.